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Western red cedar and a abalone shell inlay for the eye. Second is a eagle amulet,yellow cedar, with a abalone shell and a obsidian arrow head, strung with old Russian beads.

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Third one, yellow cedar, on the right is also a Orca and represent the chief of the sea, wealth keeper, it is also to be strung with beads like the first one. Grizzly bear amulet, out of yellow cedar, with very old Russian blue beads and crow beads with white middles.

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  • RSS feed for comments on this post. Depicts the cycle of raven, but in various forms starting from the basic archaic forms.


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    Click on photo to enlarge Yew wood soulcatcher, inlayed with abalone shell, red cedar stand.

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    The base is also out of red cedar, and covered with sand from my homeland. Yew wood, abalone shell, leather. I love this beautiful pendant very well made and sparkles alots! Only 2 left in stock. Fast delivery,great looking book,lots of pages,like hand made paper.


    The Story of the Amulet Junior Classics. Again lovely story like all Edith Nesbits storys are, like with the phoenix and the carpet I like the readers use of voices, but I didn't like her voice for the sand fairy, If we could of had Samantha Bond being the voice of the sand fairy while Anna Bentinck did the voices of the children it would of been nicer to listen to, but if you can ignore the small 'problem', the sand fairy doesn't really speak That much it is a nice story to listen to.

    I enjoyed this as it made a change from just the hidden object type games there seems to be a load of right now. It was more challenging and some of the puzzles were fairly tricky. All in all a good game that occupied me for some time.

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    • The Stonekeeper Amulet 1. It almost feels like this is where manga and western comics meet up in the middle.

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      The art in this book is sublime, attention to detail astounding and the lines crisp and clear. The print quality is very good and shows off the work nicely. In terms of the story, it's a continuation from the first book, of course, and so if you're looking to get into the story I'd recommend starting there. For those Who have read the first one, this sequel does not disappoint! It's equally fast-paced and as engaging as it is delightful.

      Be warned, however! It is expected to go on for around 10 volumes, so be prepared to sink some serious capital into this!

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      Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. Only 4 left in stock. It should be no larger that 1. What is the amulets theme? What does it protect against or provide for? Cut your cuttlebone in half and sand one side on each half flat.