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Serial killer Joanna Dennehy's alleged accomplices were 'bent to her will'

Bended is an archaic form of the same word. It is considered outdated but has survived in the fixed phrase on bended knee , which describes a person who is kneeling.

Outside of this idiom , bended does not see frequent use. The chart below shows the relative frequency of use of bended vs. As you can see, bended almost never appears. You should only use bended in the idiom on bended knee. Even then, the word kneeling would be simpler, unless you are intentionally adopting a medieval voice.

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Otherwise, bent is the better choice. She has also admitted the attempted murders of Robin Bereza and John Rogers, whom she randomly selected and stabbed in the street in Hereford, and preventing the lawful and decent burial of all three murder victims. Recounting a conversation in which Dennehy had laughed when asked by former cellmate Georgina Page if she felt bad about killing three people, Khalil said: "Mr Stretch did not laugh.

Describing his client as a "nodding dog", he added: "It is plain that Mr Stretch was fearful of what she might do, not boasting about it or enjoying it all. Stretch, real name Gary Richards, 47, of Orton Goldhay, has denied three charges of preventing the lawful burial of all three men and two counts of attempted murder. Layton, 36, also from Orton Goldhay, has denied perverting the course of justice and two counts of preventing the lawful burial of the bodies of Chapman and Lee.

A third man, Robert Moore, 55, of Peterborough, has admitted assisting an offender and is awaiting sentence.


In a Paris Review interview, conducted by the novelist Elissa Schappell, Morrison spoke to the importance of including more than one voice in her fiction. We are not one indistinguishable block of people who always behave the same way. In that same interview, Morrison commented on the difficulty of some of her later novels, with their nonlinear structures and dense, superheated language.

I think they mean, Are you ever going to write a book about white people? The center found her.

#ToMyYoungerSelf – You may be bent, but you’re not broken

Morrison was that rare critical and commercial success, even before Oprah Winfrey became her steady champion. As a novelist, Morrison understood that some wounds must be reopened in order to heal.

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  7. She understood better than most the suppurating sores beneath the skin of American life. She also comprehended, in a subcutaneous manner, something that Iris Murdoch put this way: Being nice is not the same as being good. Many of the scenes in her best novels reverberate with desolation.

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