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In a teaser trailer released by Warner Bros.

Kersh now resides. The elderly woman is a character from the novel that fans will surely remember.

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Beverly is invited in for tea, quickly growing uneasy by the old family photos on the walls, in which she spots Pennywise more than once. Kersh chillingly tells her, revealing a glimpse of her rotting flesh beneath her blouse. As Mrs.

Everything you missed in the trailer for 'It: Chapter Two'

Kersh tells her about her father that joined the circus after coming to the United States, things get downright terrifying, proving that the scares will remain aplenty in the next installment. Beverly can also be seen reunited with the Losers Club as they see flashback reflections of themselves as children, as they revisit their old stomping grounds to try and take It down. There are several familiar elements, including Georgie's yellow raincoat, his handmade paper boat in the sewer drain, and missing person signs scattered around the buildings of Derry. And, yes, there is no shortage of floating red balloons to go around.

Read more: The first trailer for 'It Chapter 2' is here and we're ready to be terrified all over again. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after the teaser trailer was released, screenwriter Gary Dauberman revealed that the story will "try to be true to the novel. Dauberman confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that a brutal hate crime scene from the novel in which a gay character named Adrian Mellon Xavier Dolan is violently attacked by homophobic kids will be featured in the film.

He said, "It is the first attack in present-day Derry and sets the stage for what Derry has become. It is the influence of Pennywise even while he is hibernating, and it's pure evil what happens to Adrian. These bullies working through Pennywise was important for us to show. King's novel served as the inspiration for both films. Warner Bros.

Another iconic scene from the book in which the adult Losers Club meets at a Chinese restaurant will be part of the film, as Dauberman told SlashFilm in September He also confirmed to THR that Beverly's experiences with domestic violence will be part of the plot, and she can be seen with bruises on her arm in the teaser trailer.

Though it hasn't received an official MPAA rating just yet, it seems likely that "Chapter Two" will follow in the footsteps of "It" and receive an R rating. Chastain told Jimmy Fallon in February that there will be no shortage of blood.

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Kersh: My fadder came to this country with 14 dollars in his pocket. My fadder joined the circus.


Everything we know about 'It Chapter Two' - Insider

Narrator: This is a direct reference to the book, in which Kersh explains that her family emigrated from Sweden, hence the accent. Narrator: Mrs. Kersh slash Pennywise is repeating something Beverly's abusive father said to her in the film. Narrator: Notice Beverly drinks from the cup Mrs.

Kersh filled for her. She does the same in the book, only to realize that she hadn't been served tea but sewer excrement. It's unclear if that's what she's drinking here, but knowing Pennywise, it's probably nothing tasty. Once Beverly manages to escape, the door changes from saying Kersh to Marsh, Beverly's own last name. You might remember this Paul Bunyan statue from the movie. It's likely this eerie statue will figure prominently in the new film.

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In the book, Pennywise takes the form of the Bunyan statue to attack Richie, almost killing him. At one point, we get a fleeting shot of Beverly drowning in a pool of blood.

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It looks like this scene takes place in the school bathroom. It echoes this scene from the film, which recreates a part of the novel in which Pennywise spews buckets of blood all over Beverly's bathroom. We also see brief clips of The Losers Club meeting at a Chinese restaurant. This likely means we'll see the scene from the original miniseries in which each character opens a fortune cookie with their fears hidden inside.