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The Palacio de Bellas Artes, built in is a white marble giant, now housing a theatre and galleries on the upper floors.

The deco interior is wonderful, and upper levels are home to murals by Rufino Tamayo and Diego Rivera. El hombre en el cruce de caminos by Diego Rivera was originally somisioned for the Rockefeller Center, but was painted over due to its communist themes. Rivera repainted the piece here in the Palacio where it has been at home since Situated inside the park is Chapultepec Castle, unremarkable from the entranceway, but stunning once you get a chance to wander round and get a sense of the scale of the place.

A great insight into lives of the rich and famous, the castle interior is luxurious, with no expense spared in its fit out. The Catedral Metropolitana is by far the most impressive cathedral I have ever laid eyes upon. A great reminder of the money and power wielded by the Catholic church through history.

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Gold, marble and decorative lattice work are king here. Other great stops were the Museo Franz Mayer, which happened to have a fascinating bicycle exhibition, the Museo de Arte Moderno and the Trotsky museum which offered enlightening free tours in English and Spanish. The Lucho Libre was without a doubt one of the best parts of Mexico City. Bright costumes, lots of lycra, sequins, masks and capes. I would totally get into wrestling of I lived in Mexico City, what a spectacle! Sadly, we had to spend a morning in the Police Station to report a stolen bag.

The process was SLOW but the staff were polite and attentive. With a small gallery space and shop, the main attraction is a comprehensive art and design library. All those expensive design books, that would have drooled over in book shops and not been able to afford are compiled here in a comprehensive collection.

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Visitors can peruse the shelves and sit at provided tables to read the day away. The museum also has a coffee shop and gorgeous shaded central court yard. Other worthwhile stops are the Museo Filatelia is a small stamp museum with info about the postal system, and a stamp collection my dad would be jealous of. Free, and would be great for kids. Museo Textil de Oaxaca is small and a little sparse, it was worth a visit, especially to see the video showing the process of making the local blue die. Basilica de la Soledad was impressive outside with very intricate carving.

Itinary in hand, it was time to tackle San Cristobal in Southern Mexico. A rich cultural centre, I was in the mood for a museum or 6. Frans was sent abroad by his wealthy family due to his well-publicised playboy ways, and eventually made his way to Mexico, where he met Gertrude. He was fascinated with Mayan ruins situated deep in thick jungle in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Gertrude was a people person, and had formed a close relationship to local tribes people taking wonderfully vivid photographs of their day to day lives. Quetzaltenango otherwise known as Xela in eastern Guatemala, was our chosen location for two more weeks of Spanish school.

The time went by quickly, with a couple of weekend outings to bars, a much needed wheel alignment and a small car accident.

I returned to the wheel alignment shop, to find Angus, all the staff from the shop and a minibus driver locked in a hot debate on the footpath. Angus had reversed into his minibus full to the brim with passengers and the group were debating fair compensation. It is still the cheapest accident I have been involved with to date, and would have cost us hundreds of dollars in Canada or Australia.

I considered it a lucky escape. The park was nice, but a little dull, and up in the mountains, it dropped to close to 0 overnight.

La Douleur Exquise

The cold was a shock to the system after so long in tropical heat. Market day in Chichicastenango can be a little bit mad. Supposedly one of the biggest markets in Central America we have heard this claim a lot, and are becoming quite skeptical Thursdays and Sundays bring the Mayan villagers to town to sell baskets, fabrics and weaving. We took the opportunity to stock up on 11 yards of beautiful colorful handmade fabric and some other woven items. There is also your typical assortment of tourist knick nacks, table runners, blankets, plastic containers, vegetables, pots and pans and of course many varieties of freshly cooked tortillas.

Antigua is little Guatemala Cities little and more beautiful sister. High prices and a run in with a very discourteous police woman the only discourteous cop we have found on our trip so far meant we only stayed in town for one day. Highlight of the stop was the wonderful textile museum where a bilingual guide demonstrates various traditional weaving processes and different local costumes. It is also a great place to stock up on hand made fabrics and woven products.

After much swearing, engine revving and a dint in the front of the car, we gave up on our mission, and slept in the town square. A quick trip through Honduras, with no problems at the border, saw up back in El Salvador, this time in the North.

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Rio Sapo, or frog river is a clean, blue green river that runs through Northern El Salvador, and was a wonderful place to camp. Cheap, clean, peaceful and a little off the beaten track we spent 3 days reading in the hammock, swimming in the river and exploring the river banks where an army of tadpoles swum in the shallows. Our days here were spent sampling snow cones and fresh pastries in the central square, drinking coffee and drinking beer. The town also had numerous galleries and a couple of notable museums to wander around between food and drink stops.

A short morning trip from town, we were met by local guides and taken on a tour of a former FMLN base, to learn a little more about the Salvadorian Civil War. The tour included their forest hospital, school, bomb shelters and trenches which were all extremely basic, and provided only a minimal level of protection. Guides who were part of the gorilla army showed us though the area, and gave us a little insight into living conditions and their experience in the war.

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The hospital was a series of rock and wood shelters built in the forest in the hope that natural building materials would help hide them from the enemy above. The hospital was regularly moved to help keep its location secure and huts were separated to minimise damage during bombing raids. The hospital suffered extreme shortages of medicine and supplies, most of which had to be delivered to the rebel strong hold by foot. Soldiers had received help from an American doctor, and the tour included a look at his sleeping shelter and the tranches he had dug to protect himself from bombing.

One of the museums in town showed a fascinating documentary filmed during the war about the FMLN and its soldiers, who all seemed to have dashing s good looks, Levi flares and flowing rebellious locks tucked into berets.

Living Frugally as a Vagabond

Situated off the coast, Big Corn is a fishing island and Little Corn caters to the tourist crowd. By Nicholas Elliott. In their most sublime collaboration, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers perfected a seamless blend of song, dance, and swooning romance. By Imogen Sara Smith. Share Share. Categories Categories. Skip to content. A Vagabond Story. Andy Hayes Haberdashery. A Vagabond Story, A Vagabond Journey Grants tale starts from the day he decided to leave everything behind in his comfy confines of America and start anew down south — south as in Mexico!

When I travel alone I usually wing it, but with the boy, I have to plan…. They can be divided into two categories: voluntary and involuntary. The first group consists overwhelmingly of economic migrants although people also emigrate for love, lifestyle, climate and curiosity.

In the latter camp, we have forcible removal — slavery and trafficking — and displacement due to war, famine, overpopulation and religious persecution. Those who cross borders for any of these reasons are classified in international law as refugees asylum seekers while their status is being confirmed. How does the total break down?

Vagabonds & Wastrels

For comparison, Turkey is currently harbouring more than 2,, displaced people. You might expect island nations to be a special case. The first modern humans to arrive were Neolithics about whom we know next to nothing. Next up were the Beaker People, probably originally from Portugal, in around 2,BC, followed by two waves of Celts from central Europe, and the Romans.

Just as they were settling in, the Vikings turned up. After a few generations of pillaging and raping raids, many of them, too, settled down. Then came William the Bastard. Many of the pilgrims who flocked to Canterbury from across Europe never left. Thousands of French and Flemish Jews came at the bidding of the Norman court. Tens of thousands of Huguenots, fleeing persecution in 17th-century Catholic France, chose England as their haven. They were followed by waves of Dutchmen, Travellers, Italians, and Irish.