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It was the big slab of pork belly that was calling my name. You know what burnt ends are. However I happened to have a butt load — this is an actual unit of measurement — of pork belly waiting for me to turn it into something incredibly delicious. Pork Belly Steamed Buns. Prep Time. Cook Time. Steam Bun Dough. Braised Pork Belly. Chinese 5 spice. Season the pork belly with the Chinese Five Spice powder on all sides. In a medium bowl combine the brown sugar, soy sauce, and shaoxing wine. Fill another bowl with 2 to 3 cups of water. Sear the pork belly over direct heat until grill marks form on all sides.

Add the sesame oil to the cast iron pan, then lightly fry the ginger and garlic before transferring the seared pork belly into the pan. Pour in the soy sauce mixture and about 1 cup of water before covering with foil or put the lid on your dutch oven. Braise the pork belly for about 90 minutes, checking the liquid levels every 30 minutes and adding more water as needed.

While the pork belly is braising, make the buns. In your stand mixer with the dough hook attachment, combine the dough ingredients until an elastic and smooth dough forms. Turn it out onto a clean surface and cover with a clean damp cloth to proof for 60 minutes. Once the dough has risen kneed it until smooth once more, then divide into eight portions. Kneed each portion and roll into an oval shape. Fold the oval in half and slide a piece of waxed paper between. Heat the water until simmering and lower in a steamer basket, or bamboo steamer with the buns inside.

Steam for about 15 minutes. Serve the pork belly sliced and coated in sauce with toppings like hot peppers, cucumber, and arugula. Sear the pork belly over high heat until grill marks form. Macaroni is boiled then smoked, and combined with red onions, green bell peppers and shredded carrots all tossed together in a tangy dressing. This pork is packed with flavor. Add a little zest to your weeknight meal and pile on some fresh flavor.

Tender, thick-cut pork chops are grilled over apple wood, slathered in our Summer Shandy BBQ sauce, and topped with a fresh pineapple-mango salsa. Grilled Chicago Hot Dog. Hold the ketchup and do your dogs Chicago-style. Foot long hot dogs are grilled and topped with tomato wedges, onions, pickle relish, peppers and mustard all in a poppy seed bun. Add a taste of the tropics to your next rack. Looking for fast and simple? Make this baby back recipe your new go-to. All you need is a fresh rack, salt, pepper and a little hickory smoke to achieve some serious meat sweats with this one.

Wake up to a burrito of epic proportions. These ain't your average dogs. BBQ Rib Sandwich. Our take on the popular fast food classic is packed with Traeger hickory flavor and big enough to share. Tender smoked pork shoulder meets rich and flavorful chili verde. Serve with warm tortillas or over rice for some south-of-the-border comfort in a bowl. Smoked Spicy St. Louis Dry-Rubbed Ribs. Looking for a rack that packs some heat? These ribs are rubbed with a mix of flavor-packed seasonings then smoked on the Traeger over hickory hardwood.

Tender, applewood pulled pork meets cool and crunchy coleslaw for a sandwich that will send you to hog heaven. Bite-sized BBQ deliciousness. Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs. Everything is better with bacon. Take your dogs to to the next level with crispy bacon, melty cheddar cheese, and all your favorite toppings.

Tasty Crispy Pork Belly Cooking - Pork Belly Crispy Recipe

Grilled Country Ham Biscuit Sandwich. Homemade buttermilk biscuits are baked on the Traeger then stacked high with grilled country ham, eggs, and melty swiss cheese. Baked Pork and Beans. Pure, pork-packed heaven. These beans are full of sweet and savory flavor and 3 different types of pork for one hearty side. Finish them off with a sweet BBQ glaze your guests will rave about. Garlic, herb, and citrus flavors are the perfect complement for this pork cut. Roast your tenderloin over mesquite hardwood for a tender, flavorful finish.

Sticky Chinese Pork Belly PLUS VIDEO!

Add juicy, wood-fired pork chops to your next smoke session. Bone-in pork chops are put in a sweet and savory brine bath before getting smoked low and slow over mesquite. Finish them off on high heat for one memorable meal. Grilled cheese just got a whole lot more epic. Tender pulled pork meets melty cheddar cheese between two toasty slices of bread.

Wake up with some smokin' spice. BBQ pulled pork is layered with black beans, corn tortillas, cheese, salsa and topped with a sunny-side up egg and fresh cilantro. Looking for a savory meat you can use with just about anything? Traeger Roasted Easter Ham. Take your Easter dinner plans to the next level. Traeger Smoked Sausage. Pork to fork wood-fired goodness. Ground pork, onion, garlic and ground mustard pair perfect for this homemade mesquite smoked sausage. You'll never go back to store-bought. Smoked Pork Tenderloin.

Give your pork a sweet and smoky kick. These tenderloins are marinated in sweet honey and thyme mixture and smoked to perfection over aromatic applewood. We "pulled" out all the stops for this one. Melt-in-your mouth bbq pulled pork, homemade dough, sticky sweet BBQ sauce and tons of cheese make this wood-fired pizza a winner. These pork ribs are sup"herb". These St. Louis racks are generously seasoned with a blend of sage, rosemary, thyme and wrapped with a butter mixture for a savory twist on BBQ ribs. Smoked Sausage Pancake Sandwich. Say goodbye to boring and hello to EPIC.

Smoked sausage is loaded and stacked atop homemade pancakes for a breakfast fit for champions. Ultimate Game Day Dip. Kick off game day with this creamy the ultimate dip. Douse this hog with a guilt-free homemade BBQ sauce and do pulled pork the right way. This pork is seasoned with a blend of savory spices, slow-roasted over our sweet cherrywood and paired with a ridiculously delicious paleo BBQ sauce.

Baked Eggs in Bacon Nest. Try out this perfect low carb grab and go breakfast. Bacon and eggs are given a new wood-fired meaning with this yolk worthy dish. Try this wood-fired twist on traditional Christmas ham. Bone-in ham is basted with a perfectly tangy bourbon BBQ sauce and slow-roasted over maple for sweet and savory perfection. Crown Roast of Pork by Matt Pittman. We've crowned this the king of all pork roasts.

There's not much that can top burnt ends, except for this dish. Wood-fired roasted potatoes are topped with sweet and salty burnt ends, melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork, cheese curds and doused in a savory gravy. Smothered Pork Chops.

Smother your chops for a saucy bite. Fried pork chops and smothered in scratch-made gravy and baked to wood-fired perfection for an enticingly simple dish. Baked Cornbread, Bacon, and Pecan Stuffing. You've never had a stuffing so rich with flavor. Cornbread is paired with the pefect amount of salty bacon, mixed with sage, rosemary, and parsley, finsished with toasted pecans and baked until golden brown.

Stray away from traditional with this stuffing. Wild mushrooms, toasted hazelnuts, fresh herbs and sage-rubbed sausage are baked over maple wood for an earthy take on stuffing. Grilled Traeger Ball Park Dog. Try out this ball park triple. Baked Meat Bagel. You won't miss the bread with a recipe this good. Wrap all the fixin's in protein with this pork bagel baked over apple wood and stuffed with lettuce, onions and tomato. Baked Chorizo Cheese Dip. Dip into this gooey, melty cast-iron deep dish cheese dip.

Sizzling, spicy chorizo, tomatoes, cilantro and onions are stirred into a creamy beer cheese blend and baked over applewood for the perfect touch of wood-fired infusion. Smoked Stuffed Avocado. Don't let the size fool you, these avocados pack a wood-fired punch. Avocados smoked and stuffed with pulled pork, cheese, salsa, cilantro and topped with a perfectly cooked over-easy egg. We're bringing you a Traeger take on this beloved taco. It wouldn't be wood-fired if we didn't stuff these shells with pulled pork, brisket and wrap it all up with refried beans and a flour tortilla topped with cheese.

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Better make extra. It's Oktoberfest season, celebrate with a cold beer and some applewood schnitzel. These breaded cutlets are packed with perfect flavor, baked over apple hardwood and topped with grilled citrus. A healthier take on ribs. These pork spares are seasoned with a smoky, savory paprika and chipotle rub, glazed with a sweet tomato based BBQ sauce. Pair this German frankfurter with your favorite German beer and sink your teeth into this tangy dog. This dog is grilled, loaded with a homemade sauerkraut, slathered with whole grain mustard and topped with bacon for a perfectly balanced bite.

Smoked Porchetta with Italian Salsa Verde. We've got a delicious Traeger take on a classic Italian dish. Pork loin wrapped with pork belly, layered with a citrus and herb blend, smoked over applewood to golden brown crispy perfection and served with a fresh Italian salsa verde.

Roasted Glazed Pork Chop. This pork has some major chops. Brine this swine with the rich flavors of apple and orange juice, fresh thyme, brown sugar and black peppercorns. Give it some wood-fired TLC and glaze with a little Texas spice. Slow roasted pork shoulder generously basted in a rich molasses glaze, paired with an earthy Romesco sauce and fresh greens.

This side dish just became your main dish. Sweet and salty pork butt, bacon, and cherry tomatoes atop grilled iceberg lettuce, all drizzled with cool and creamy blue cheese dressing, make for a salad that'll hardly feel like one. Pork Crown Roast. Smoked BBQ Ribs. Get the napkins out and head over to your Traeger electric smoker.

Smoky, saucy, and slightly sweet, these St. Louis cut ribs are a cut above the rest. Honey Glazed Ham. Stack slices of tender, marinated pork and juicy pineapple shawarma-style for crazy flavorful wood-fired tacos. Wood-Fired Swineapple. When you only have eyes for pork, merge meat with sweet for Wood-Fired Swineapple. Give your pulled pork a southwest finish and wrap it in a tortilla. Slow smoked pork butt, homemade salsa verde, tater tots make for one hell of a meal. This sandwich is loaded with pork two ways, doused with a homemade sauce, stuffed in a crusty baguette slathered with a spicy mayo and topped with all of the traditional fixings.

Calling all pork lovers. These ribs are mind-blowingly delicious. Score some ridiculous flavor with these poppers. Smoked Pig Shots by Matt Pittman. Take a shot of damn good BBQ. These green chile cream cheese and sausage bacon wrapped shots will give your tastebuds smokin' buzz. Grilled Bacon Dog. Come hungry for this one. Bacon wrapped hot dogs grilled and covered with onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, lettuce, BBQ sauce and doused with a creamy cheese sauce.

Don't have time to wait around on ribs? Pork and poultry seasoned pork ribs are given an apple juice spritz and cooked over cherry wood for some deep flavor and rich color. Smoked Moink Burgers by Scott Thomas. You don't have to choose sides on this one. Beef and pork come together to create a burger worthy of repeating.

Worcestershire and garlic give these ground beef and pork patties rich flavor. Let them sizzle on the grill with a melty cheese topping and load them up with your favorite condiments. BBQ St. Louis Ribs. Ribs don't get much easier or tastier with our top Pitmaster's take on ribs.

This juicy method will win over your heart and your stomach. These pork ribs are rubbed with our signature Pork and Poultry seasoning and smoked for three hours, wrapped with brown sugar and honey for two, and given perfect color with a little Traeger BBQ glazing in the final hour. This first place pulled pork is trimmed and heavily injected with an apple juice and spice blend, rubbed down with some sweet and salty pork and poultry rub and smoked low and slow until this melt in your mouth pork falls apart in true BBQ fashion.

Nothing says summer like ribs. This pork can stand alone like the island it originates from. Marinated with cumin, chipotle, fresh cilantro, oregano, and the juice of both orange and lemon ensure this shoulder is packed with flavor with it hits the grill. Smoked Bratwurst with Homemade Mustard. Whether you've got German roots or not, everyone loves a good brat. Smoked bratwurst seared and tucked between a solid bun, topped with sauerkraut and homemade mustard.

Grilled Cleveland Polish Boy. You don't have to be in Cleveland to meet this Polish boy, but you do have to have an appetite. Smoked BLT Sandwich. Bacon, bacon and more bacon. Traeger smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Pile this classic as high as you want and when in doubt, add more bacon. Pork sweet from the inside out. Slow roasted pork shoulder, injected with an apple juice based mixture and glazed with a sweet kiss from our Sugar Lips. These aren't your average ribs on the block.

These spares are seasoned with our savory Traeger rub, slow cooked with melted butter, caramelized brown sugar and finished with a little Texas heat for savory, sweet, and spice in a bite. Pork and tots just became friends. Smoky, saucy spare ribs done low n' slow and saddled up next to our warm potato salad filled with the classics. Smoked Seattle Dog. Smoky franks served Seattle style. Bigger is always better. Grilled thick cut pork chops seared and paired with grilled peaches and drizzled with a sweet and sour whiskey reduction for a tang that will blow your mind.

This swine is prime. Low and slow for melt in your mouth pulled pork bathed in a little sweet and spice. This ain't yo typical pork loin. Take your BBQ southwest for an Ancho chili twist. Baked Pork Belly Mac and Cheese. Trust us, you'll never go back to blue box again. This juicy, melt-in-your-mouth, slow-cooked pork belly is what bacon dreams are made of. Old-Fashioned Roasted Glazed Ham. Pulled Pork Stew.

The remedy for extra pulled pork? Salsa verde Pulled Pork Stew. Chorizo Stuffed Apples. Cored sweet apples are stuffed with caramelized onions and chorizo. This sweet and savory dish can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Traeger Muffaletta Sandwich. Meet the Louisiana All-Star sandwich: Muffuletta. Smoked Sausage Roll. Louis BBQ Ribs. Louis-style ribs for a sure victory. Todd Fritz from The Dan Patrick Show loves a good rack, and these barbecue ribs rubbed down and sauced up are the best offense for hunger. Everything Pigs in a Blanket. The hogs on the offensive line will be protecting these pigs in a blanket, a favorite of Todd Fritz from The Dan Patrick Show.

This traditional baked Italian pasta dish is filled with bacon and sausage in a homemade marinara sauce. Chipotle Eggs Benedict with Pulled Pork. Brunch never had it so good — smoked pulled pork replaces traditional Canadian bacon to remind your tastebuds that every meal should be Traegered. A meaty ham bone helps make unreal stock for legendary comfort food soup. Pork with Balsamic Strawberry Sauce.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Slow your roll. This Boston takes patience. Get ready to meet new friends, this recipe fills the neighborhood with the sweet smell of wood smoked hawg.

Shred this roast to use on tacos, sandwiches, pizza or anything that needs a little infusion of pig. Apricot Pork Tenderloin. Sweet meets smoky with our apricot-glazed pork tenderloin cooked over savory hardwood smoke.


Maple Mustard Glazed Pork Tenderloin. When sweet maple syrup meets savory Dijon you get one heck of a pork tenderloin glaze. Brush it on before giving your pork a sear on the Traeger. Kentucky Pork Tenderloin. Spicy Pork Sliders.

Crispy pork belly, sweet potato & cider - AnotherFoodBlogger | Recipes

Western Breakfast Casserole. This hearty casserole will wrangle those hunger pains and keep you going all the way through a cattle drive. Wet-Rubbed St. These spicy, flavor laden, Cajun ribs will win you a blue ribbon at the next neighborhood rib-fest. Whole Hog. Impress your guests at your next cookout with this whole smoked pig recipe. From snout to curly tail, this little piggy tastes primal and delicious. Traegered Lasagna.

A rich and savory holiday staple, stuffing can tip its hat to the brilliance of Southern cooks. Your guests will be fighting for the last morsel of dressing. Stuffed Crown Roast of Pork. Ask the butcher to have the pork chop bones "frenched" and formed into a crown. It looks like a delicacy, but it's simple when Traeger roasted. Amp up traditional stuffing and try couscous or garlic mashed potatoes with rosemary inside.

Grilled Stuffed Pork Chops.

Is Pork Belly Healthy to Consume?

This recipe has got some serious chops. Barbacoa cooking originated with cavemen when they began cooking over a wood fire. Caution: Traegering this pulled pork recipe will be utterly delicious--which may result in primal behaviors. Sweet Peach Spare Ribs. If your mouth is watering for some Southern style BBQ, these sticky sweet pork ribs are smothered in caramelized peach preserves and will definately hit the spot.

This double pork burger recipe is perfect your 4th of July cookout. Bacon makes everything taste amazing, but a burger without bacon is naked. Smoke and spice make for a winning baby back combo. These pork baby back ribs are seasoned with a sweet and spicy rub, smoked over rich hickory wood and set with our smokin' Traeger 'Que BBQ sauce.

Bacon Tenderloin Twirls. Grillin' up some goodies for the game? Make these South Carolina double wrapped pork twists for your fans. They'll be gobbled up faster than a one-legged man can win a butt-kicking competition. If the game's on, it's time to get your meat on. We added some Asian flair to the popular method. These ribs have great flavor that pack a punch and will make your mustache curl. Spice-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin. Planking tenderloin helps the smoky flavor permeate the spiced slab of delicious meat.

BBQ Fatty. Life is not complete without a savory "Fatty" grilled on your Traeger. It's double sausage, jalapeno cream cheese, and roasted red peppers rolled up and topped with a weave of bacon. Check out our Tips from the Pros on how to make a bacon weave. Green Chili Smoked Pork. Smoked chilies have a heady deep spice that will add bad ass flavor to smoked pork.

You're friends will fight for tongue-tingling seconds. Smoked Pork Tamales. Add Traegered pulled pork and smoked chilies for homemade tamales in your own backyard. Smoked Rendezvous Ribs.