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He Sold Me THIS for $20 at a Yard Sale...

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The seller must also give you, the buyer, the seller's disclosure form indicating whether there is a wood burning device on the property. It is the seller's responsibility to remove the uncertified wood burning device unless you and the seller agree that you, the buyer, will be responsible for removing the stove.

If so, you must remove and destroy the uncertified wood burning device within 30 days after the closing date of sale. The buyer must also: Get a receipt indicating you have destroyed the stove. Submit the notification form to DEQ. If your yardsale is hidden in the backyard — that could turn some people off or they may not bother to stop. I had a garage sell and I only made 5 dollars!!! Because we had 2 neighbors having a yard sell as well! I, too, have Too Much Stuff.

I do NOT want people wandering around my personal space, though. Maybe a flea market would be the right place for me. Thanks for sharing all these tips! Another idea is to make your garage sale known with lots of signs. This is illuminating advice. Definitely helpful as we SHOP at garage sales for the new house. Some are intent on scamming you — in one way or another. Kinda makes you lose your faith in people. Sad but true.

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Since that debacle, we just donate to whatever charity Goodwill or Kidney Foundation or Cat Welfare will pick up or is on our errand route. I was at your sale! I saw that gentleman going through your boxes of books. He looked very intent on seeing every book you had to offer. Could be the nerd in me, but I immediately zeroed in on El Grande in the picture of the bookshelves. Sorry for turning this into my own little Craigslist :-P.

As for the article, great tips! No kidding! If I had come across those at garage sale prices, I would have freaked out. People are often worried about the possibility of bedbugs. One egg hiding in a crevice can mean months of hell. We got bedbugs from our jerk of a neighbor leaning infested furnishings against our house, in the alley between our houses, before he discarded them. It took us 6 months to finally completely rid ourselves of the little monsters.

We had to be careful about what we used, because we have pets. On the advice of the exterminator at the college where I work, we tried a few things, from diatomaceous earth to pet-safe sprays. To be able to get stuff like furniture and what not at yard sales and thrift stores and not have to worry about bed bugs, vacuum thoroughly, spray and wrap in plastic. Leave it for a couple of weeks. We once babysat a couple of girls and got bed bugs from their diaper bag. We vacuumed daily, put all furniture outside in plastic and continued to vacuum everything daily, it took a couple weeks, but we got rid of them.

Mattresses and couches are the worst for them. We do a community garage sale, everyone donates stuff and all the money goes to the association for fun events. We do use a cash box, but one person is in charge of it and that is their only job to man the cash box. Every so often, we reduce the cash in the box and lock up the cash in a secure location. We group everything together by category.

Clothes all go together, furniture goes together, books, CDs, kitchen stuff, etc. We generally price by the category with a few exceptions. We make big signs and we tape them to boxes or table. As day goes on, prices go down and we only have to replace the big sign. We actually find that people do buy CDs and Videos, they resell them on E-bay. But regarding the E-bay buyers, they come early and they want a deal.

The Do's and Don'ts of Garage Sale Pricing

Clearly he had a ton of stuff. The more junk you have and the quality of that junk will help dictate the total amount earned. I did one once, just once. After which I donated the leftovers and got a bigger reduction on my taxes then in money. Now I just weed out what little I have to get rid of every year and donate it consistently. Even if you do it slowly over a couple years, instead of storing for a decade or more J. Many people going to garage sales are looking for stuff to resell. I alway view J. He never really stopped consuming he just changed what he consumed and how he used his money.

Things to Do Before Starting Your Garage Sale

Of course he also wrote some great articles. Truly the money we save is typically being saved for some important long term goal. Also its the reason he is back here because he needs more money to spend. Truthfully I value his input and his posts as they are better written than most his peers on the site but after watching his journey and his actions, it comes off feeling disingenous.

Because a blogger enjoys hiking or traveling, spending money on those things is privileged over other hobbies.

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I find this aspect of personal finance blogs to be the most egregious. Television — bad. Blog reading — good. Riding an ATV — bad. Biking — good. Contracting out home improvements — bad. DIY work — good. And of course, duh! It can be hard for an impressionable reader to distinguish which is which.

I also find the Western value of productivity creeps in pretty much everywhere and colors all discussions of money. All of the sudden there is the pressure to always be productive, regardless of whether that productivity directly translates into a larger bank account. Love the comment Jane! Perhaps not watching tv somehow causes lesser greenhouse gases? Technically, not eating at home and at restaurants is likely more efficient and causes a lower greenhouse effect… But I digress. It gets into your brain like an infesting bug gets into garage sale furniture and is very hard to shut off.

Punching you. The non-agnostic blogging generally follows the Tim Ferriss m. I need to read that blog more often…. Jacq — thanks for a list of new blogs to check out! I definitely think that J. They might not be one in real life, but they play one on the web :. Of course what is most bothersome is how this ties to general media, politics, etc. I like when I get the rare piece that weighs both sides as equally as possible realizing bias is almost always present. I really enjoy the Big Picture daily email which leans mostly left, but provides the authors daily reading list long train ride which is on a variety of issues, not just P.

Due to the nature of the medium, most bloggers are fairly young and many looking for an income stream — PF ones that is. That leads to a more black and white view of life IMO. Save your money, spend less, invest, start a pension or a retirement plan, buy your first home and pay it off, try to start a business or multiple streams of income, etc. I think your comments were very insightful and accurate concerning this blog, J.

If i read that correctly. These are some great tips J. They bring attention to passers-by and show that the sign is not old. Wait, wait — you can get charitable deductions when donating to good will? Just for furniture, or for everything? My eyes are opened. And then you only realize the applicable tax rate multiplied by the amount over the standard deduction, not the full amount of the deduction, of course. And then you have to itemize and provide documentation a pain.

I hope you cherish that. Most people after a divorce end up hating each others guts. Another option is donating furniture and items to Habitat for Humanity. I think having a garage sale is a bad idea. The stuff that is worth something you should sell on craigslist. Everything else give to charity and take the tax deduction. You will save many hours of time and make more money.

It gets even more attention then plain white signs do. This was a great blog post! Your garage sale looked like a lot of fun. I agree with everything except the furniture. I was on a mission to find a patio set- went at am to a community garage sale when it started and trucks were already full of furniture and of course, my patio set. People also look to get furniture for cheap so they can upcycle it hellooo Pinterest or resell it at their shops. But, as a garage sale shopper these are my biggest pet peeves that will turn me OFF to a garage sale.

Make it BOLD with a clear arrow! These types of methods not just only remove your extra stuff but also help in making money as you have described. I have them to make some money. It is not a charity event that is being hosted. I have a question. How did you make the 7, dollars at jusrt a garage sale? What items did you sell?

If it is electrical, display it near a plug in. If it is a sound or video electrical item, take a retailing idea from the pros and set it up to play. TV that is playing will sell much better than one that is off.


The ultimate guide to making money from your yard sale

Also true of sound electrics. Play videos on TV. People will start watching and ask to buy the video. Throw a movie into the deal as a sweetener. Start the day with a sale, Even if it is super cheap. That first buyer may be your best customer and refer others to your sale. The first sale also gets you into a selling mode. Have a bbq sausage sizzle at the same time you have your yard sale.

Hungary shoppers can add to your profits. I am a extreme yard sales. I went yard saling Saturday and found tons of gems. A tip I have is to not follow the Highway follow the back roads there are lots of yardsales. Also stop at parking lot yardsales where there are many tables set up. I am a Hockey Memorabilia Collector. One tip is if its a kid wearing a sports hat or adult show him the sports stuff you have for sale because he might not notice it. It was either the year they won or the year after, I think.

There is NO way on earth that anyone will pay more than 25 cents on the dollar at ANY garage sale on average. This article is total BS to imply that you can make real money off any garage sale! Thats not true!

Return to Yard Sale Tips Skip to next section. Nine Tips to Make your Signs Sizzle! Our signs also had the address and an arrow pointing the way… Design to inform and intrigue Use bright colors to attract attention. Use a thick marker of a contrasting color to make big, bold text. Adding a border around your text may increase readability. Remember that your customers are cruising by at 35 miles per hour! Have large arrows pointing in the correct direction. It's so much easier to follow arrows than to slow down to read an address. Remember that superlatives rule Awesome!

Where's your sign? Post multiple signs around your neighborhood. Also, take a practice drive past one of your signs. Do people have time to read it, make a decision, and make the turn, before they've driven past it? After the sale is over, remove all the signs! How to Establish Price Know the value of your items.

Don't price your stuff too low. People like to bargain, so allow some wiggle room. Also, you want to make money. You can always have a percent-off sale over the last couple hours. Price items like a store. Other pricing strategies. Anything not valuable can go on tables dedicated to that and you will get rid of all sorts of stuff that people might not buy individually but might stuff in a box.

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