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You know how it goes: underage drinking, boys hoping for sex, house man of dubious intention, the works. Heard plays the eponymous, pristine, virginal Mandy Lane and errrbody wants a piece of what she's got. In true slasher tradition, the story is good enough, the acting is good enough, and the budget is good enough.

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But the ending has more than what we could have asked for, and so puts ATBLML on our list of worthwhile cinematic pursuits. So, open your heart up to Mandy Lane. If you want some gruesome revenge porn this South Korean flick has all you need and more. Soo-hyun is a young and handsome top tier special forces agent, and on one dark and stormy night his life runs headlong into evil personified: a man named Kyung-chul who kills people for nothing but sport.

The thing is, most of these movies end with the climactic final battle between good and evil, right? Well, Soo-hyun catches his victim fairly early on in 2. Kyung-chul is played to raw perfection by the wonderfully grizzly Choi Min-sik Oldboy , Lucy and Byung-hun Lee goes step for step with him as a man willing to shed his own humanity to kill a monster.

If extreme violence makes you squeamish then leave this one of the proverbial shelf, because things get gruesome. Here's a tricky little number. Peter Cilella plays Michael, an all around good dude with a junkie best friend, Chris Vinny Curran , who's content to tweak away his existence in some dilapidated cabin out in the sticks. Michael cares deeply for Chris, so he's taking to the woods to straighten him out. But what he finds when he gets there is way more disturbing than a squatting meth head prattling on about government conspiracy.

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Other than that, we can't tell you anything for fear of spoilers. It's a movie you just have to live in. But suffice to say, this one is a surprising take on psychological horror that will pull you down into the twitchy paranoia spiral with its protagonists. Watch Resolution for the headier segment of your Halloween weekend. Here's one for you home invasion horror enthusiasts in the audience.

We'll be honest, it took us a while to get into You're Next , mostly because all the characters are such dicks you have a hard time rooting for any of them to survive. That is, until you realize how awesome the primary girl is. Sharni Vinson plays Erin, a rather demure young woman embarking on holiday with her rich boyfriend's family at their rich-family secluded country home. The veneer of perfection surrounding the pastoral getaway erodes quickly when you see one brother popping pills to cope with family time and a mother desperate for more affection from her entitled children.

When people start getting picked off it's sort of a relief. We don't advocate murder or anything, but on the real, if you're watching a horror movie there's at least a little bloodlust in your heart, and sides are taken quickly. In any case, the weekenders are being terrorized by a gang of animal-masked stalkers, who are super scary, and everyone in the house is basically reduced to fish-in-a-barrel status with the exception of Erin, who turns into one of the most ass-kicking horror heroines of all time. We won't spoil why or what her backstory is, but the basic terror appeal of nihilistic murderers wearing pig faces in tandem with Vinson's outstanding final girl make this a cringe-to-fist-pump party of scares.

Lock the door and fire it up. If you're down to get weird and are looking for impeccably unnerving art direction, Antiviral is the perfect prescription. It's the directorial debut of Brandon Cronenberg and it's as trippy as anything we've come to expect from his father, David. Caleb Landry Jones goes all-in for his role as Syd March, an employee at the Lucas Clinic, which specializes in infecting its patrons with viruses contracted by their favorite celebrities. There's also a meat market called Astral Bodies that sells vat-grown meat of the stars. To make some extra cash, Syd uses himself as a mule to smuggle out pathogens from the clinic and put them up for sale on the black market.

This is very illegal. So when the clinic's biggest contract, the ultra desirable Hannah Geist, is newly taken ill, Syd is sent to harvest her cells—and take a little for himself off the top, of course.

The story so far…Butcher’s Guild

The problem is, Hannah doesn't just have a sore throat this time around, and Syd is soon staring down a short timeline to neutralize the disease while steering clear of law enforcement for smuggling operation. This one isn't super gory, though it does get pretty gross, and the brain-twisting tension created by Cronenberg's use of sound, music, negative space, and a meaty performance by Jones are what makes this movie really stand out. Malcolm McDowell is also in it, so you know it's totally bizarre. Structurally, it's the same drill as before: a collection of off-the-wall vignettes tied together by an overarching narrative, all of which are in the style of found footage.

And it's just a lot of crazy, scary fun. Get a group of people together and scream your way through these anaerobic dalliances with the occult, aliens, ghosts, ghouls, and zombies. The VFX are gritty and great and the stories may be short, but they'll stick with you after the movie ends. This one is purely for the camp. Witchcraft, vampirism, betrayal, revenge, sex, drugs, drinking, over-the-top high school stereotypes at social war with one another, bi-curious cheerleaders—oh, is that a kitchen sink we see over there? We'll take one of those two. In all seriousness for a moment, the scariest parts of this movie revolve around some chilling scenes of abuse against women.

Fortunately, the rest of the movie is ridiculous and super entertaining. Caitlin Stasey is Maddy Killian, a regulation hottie playing the part of social outcast for our purposes here. Due to a series of unfortunate events, she's got a hard-earned vendetta against the school's presiding A-listers, especially the captain of the football team. On her way to infiltrating the pep squad and recruiting a girl power army, though, circumstances take a turn for the very dark and Maddy has to factor being undead into her vigilante justice mission.

Watch this one with your friends and all your Halloween candy laid out, or just run it on a loop at your costume party. Either way, it's a trashy good time. Here's a slow burner for you, an old-fashioned American gothic horror tale in the tradition of Rosemary's Baby and Rebecca. This movie won't wear you down with gratuitous violence or trick photography or strategically-placed grating sounds. It will just pull you farther from the back of your couch until you're sitting right in front of the TV screen. To the outside world, the Parkers are a mostly normal family, content to keep to themselves.

Normal in this situation meaning religious zealots following the edicts of an unknown sect of Christianity, but still, they shop at the local market and the daughters are allowed to attend public school classes sometimes—that kind of normal. But when a massive rainstorm passes through town and the family matriarch is lost to the elements, this household with a boat-load of secrets has to make sure wandering eyes don't notice what's washed downstream in the flood.

With three kids desperate to break free of their familial chains and a father rapidly losing his grip on sanity and self-control, this movie does an excellent job pulling you into the Parkers' nest of crazy so you can find all the icky skeletons in the closet. It's also got one of the best endings we've ever seen.

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Pop your corn and watch in quiet anticipation. This recommendation comes with personal reservations. Not because it's bad movie. And not because Elijah Wood does a terrible job playing a solitary man with dark compulsions and eerie obsessions. In fact, we direct you to this movie with trepidation because it is so well done, and because Wood gives such a thoroughly disturbing performance as Frank Zito, you may hate him forever after watching him deliver it.

And we are not here to ruin public sentiment surrounding Elijah Wood. Franck Khalfoun directs this French-American remodeling of William Lustig's movie of the same name, and he had help on the writing end from one of horror's most intriguing contemporary minds, Alexander Aja High Tension , Horns. Maniac is shot in the first-person style, so you're in the point of view of Frank, a deeply damaged man who sells and restores mannequins for a living.

The 13 Spookiest Horror Flicks Streaming on Netflix This Halloween

Yes, mannequins. Frank spends his days lovingly tending to the care and distribution of fake women that come in pieces. That is the kind of sick we're dealing with here. As you can imagine, he doesn't fare so well with the walking talking versions of the fairer sex. Watching Frank swing back and forth from meek and needy to vicious and brutal is, well, completely messed up.

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    • Psychopath murdered his sister, 4, 'in revenge for mum's drug relapse' | Metro News.
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